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Roast Potatoes

Dad is the master of roast potatoes in our family, he learned from his mum. My kids’ love their dad’s roast potatoes. So much so that they tend to get upset if we do not have a roast on Sundays.  Sometimes we cut the potatoes into smaller chunks and  d make crunchy potato bites which our kids love served with steak.


1 medium roasting potato per person washed and peeled cut in half or quarters if large
Non Genetically Modified Canola oil or Rice Bran Oil
Salt to season


Boil or microwave the potatoes until soft but not falling apart
Drain and shake to break up the edges a little
Meanwhile place about 1 cm of oil in an electric fry pan cook on medium- high until golden and crunchy approximately 40 – 45 minutes
Drain on a paper towel
Serve with

Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken

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