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Sticky Golden Chicken

Serves 4

For this recipe you will need

  • 500 grams of chicken tenderloin or chicken breast, cut into 6-8 pieces
  • 3 TBS Golden Syrup
  • 3 TBS Pear Puree  (made by blitzing together canned pears in syrup)
  • 1 TBS Canola Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Marinate chicken and combined remaining ingredients for about 6 hours or overnight.

Fry chicken about 5 minutes each side or until cooked through

Serve with rice, rice noodles or if wheat and gluten tolerated 2 minute noodles (no flavor added) and suitable veggies stirfried.

Variation: Baked Marinated chicken drumsticks with skin removed, served with rice and veg or coleslaw or other suitable side salad.

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