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Veal Croquetes

For this recipe you will need

  1. 400 grms minced Veal (preferrably organic) cooked and cooled
  2. 400 grms mashed potato cooked and cooled (firmer rather than mushy – no other ingredients)
  3. 2 spring onions sliced
  4. 1 tables chives
  5. 1 clove of garlic crushed
  6. 1 egg lightly beaten
  7. 1 cup suitable Gluten Free/Wheat Free bread crumb (standard bread crumbs can be used if suitable made from white or brown bread)
  8. Suitable oil (Canola non GM or rice bran)

Mix first five ingredients together, roll into balls or oblong shapes

Roll in the egg and through the crumbs. Do this again, so coating is nice and thick.

Fry in a pan on a medium heat until golden brown

serve with suitable salad or veg

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