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Boiled Egg

How to boil an egg

Gently place the eggs in the saucepan and pour cold water over the top until they are covered by about 1cm of water.

Turn the pan onto a high heat and watch until the water boils (you will see it rapidly bubble with steam rising).

As soon as the water boils, turn the heat down to a simmer (you will see only little bubbles form on the bottom and sides of pan).

Leave them to simmer for:
3 minutes if you like a really soft-boiled egg
4 minutes for a white that is just set and a yolk that is creamy.
5 minutes for a white and yolk perfectly set but still soft.
7 minutes for hard boiled and cooked through.

Then immediately remove them from the pan with a large spoon.

This recipe is from food cents.

Boiled eggs are great to have for breakfast or on a sandwich for lunch with lettuce.  Boiled eggs also make a great quick snack, if you boil a few at a time and pop them in the fridge.  Eggs do not contain salicylate. They are also low in amines as long as they are cooked properly. If more sensitive to amines it is best to eat hard boil eggs.

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