• ED Strict
  • Low Amines
  • Low Glutamate
  • Low Salicylate
  • (low fodmap)

Swede (Rutabaga) can be easily confused with the Turnip.  Both swede and turnips are part of the cabbage family. The swede is usually yellowish and may contains some purple, whereas the turnip is usually white or white and purple. The turnip is low in amines and glutamates, but moderate in salicylates. It is classified as a moderate chemical food by the RPAH Allergy Unit, whereas the swede is classified as a low chemical food.

Swede contains a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. It’s particularly high in vitamin A and vitamin C as well as being a good source of potassium, calcium and fibre. Add to this the fact that boiled it has only 11 calories per 100 grams; it’s a very healthy vegetable.

Swede can be baked or mashed in a similar way to potato.

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