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Food Intolerance Network – Failsafe Diet – The Food Intolerance Network by Sue Dengate provides a wide range of useful information for those doing the

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Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ (formally the Allergy Train) sells a range of food, personal care and cleaning products that are suitable for

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Cluere Products Hypoallergenic, Fragrance free and Salicylate Free

Cleure products have been developed by Dr Flora Stay, Dentist.  Original based around hypoallergenic, low salicylate toothpastes and dental hygiene
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RPAH Allergy Unit Food Elimination Handbook with Shopping List


The RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook, is a must for anyone with food intolerance,or anyone who suspects they have food

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The RPAH Friendly Food Cookbook

Friendly Food is a recipe book developed by the RPAH Allergy Unit.  It is full of lots of very low
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RPAH Allergy Unit Product recommendations

Many people with food chemical intolerance also react to chemicals (and fragrances) in products.

Finding suitable products can be difficult.

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Food Chemical Intolerance

Food intolerance (if susceptible) can result in a wide range of symptoms. The symptoms vary from person to person, both

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Friendlier Food
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