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Lamb Rissoles with Braised Lentil Rice

optional add carrot or other moderate salicylate veg to lentils

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Beef Mince Wellington with green beans and asparagus in a lemony sauce (S)

Gluten and dairy, moderate chemicals

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Leek and Choko Soup

  • 1 large leek or 2 small leeks, cut into thick slices (white only)
  • 2 choko’s, peeled and cubed a few
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Lamb with Saffron Rice and Garlic Carrots and Brussels (S)

Dairy, moderate salicylates

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Potato and Chive Slice

For a Gluten free and Dairy free version see recipe in RPAH Allergy Unit Friendly Food Cookbook

For this version

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Roast Choko Wedges

Peel, deseed and quarter one choko.

Coat in oil and place in pyrex or other baking dish.

Sprinkle with salt

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Choko Omelette

GF, DF, Low Chemical, low fodmaps option

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How to cook Barley

Contains gluten

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